Dalny Valdes Press Release

A Public Relations Press  Release from one of Hollywood's most unusual Entertainers, Dalny Valdes, Singer and Artist a Creative with an  unusual combination of Talents 

Dalny Valdes, Singer And Artist: A Unique Culmination Of Talents

When it comes to the Arts and Entertainment, I'm sure you've all heard of the "Multi-Talents", the Creatives who juggle their acting careers with their singing careers or vice versa, for instance, or of the actors or actresses who can paint.

Here we have a Girl Talent who has the unique ability to combine two very abstract disciplines; Singer and Painter Dalny Valdes sings and dances on one day and paints oil paintings on the next.

Dalny is a very unusual Talent who can sing and dance and who is registered with AFL-CIO Sag Aftra as a Singer and who can paint and who holds several US Copyrights under Visual Arts for her paintings.

Dalny is a rare and typically not seen one-girl duet Talent. She possesses both disciplines which are both creatively abstract in nature. When Dalny walks down the street you can't see either of her two talents, in fact she looks like a normal girl, both her hand and voice are hidden from view; unlike the actor or actress who have "Actor" written all over their face in plain sight.

Valdes manages her balancing act Singer and Artist personae primarily on the ever popular YouTube stage and on the ever trendy eBay platform.

Dalny Valdes, Singer and Artist: A Unique Culmination Of Talents published on Google News January 17, 2021 by D.Valdes

Dalny Valdes Santa Clarita 
California about 2011
Photograph Gallery: Singer, Dancer and Visual Artist Dalny Marga Valdes was born on January 24 1968 in Saugus/Santa Clarita California. The daughter of WWII Navy Veteran and MIT graduate Electrical Engineer and artist, Sergio F. Valdes, (DOD 11/1989) and Margaret Dolores Valdes, homemaker and Singer.
Dalny Valdes 
Preshow photo

Dalny sings and joined the union Sag-Aftra in 1997 first joining Aftra and then acquiring the acting background vouchers required to join Sag.  Dalny studied chorus at Sierra Vista Junior High School in 1980 and has since registered her membership catagory with SAG/AFTRA as Singer.  
Dalny  Valdes
YouTube recording 
Sound stage 
Jan. 02, 2021
Dalny sings and dances and has live on-stage training in the 1970's from her enrollment at Marjorie Allison School Of Classical Ballet, patroned by Queen Elizabeth at the time.  
The Bogart 
18x24 oil painting 
By Dalny Valdes 
Dalny Valdes sings such songs as Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe impersonation, and Dream A Little Dream.
12x16 acrylic painting 
By Dalny Valdes 
Dalny creates gothic works of art and pop art  by hand (freehand) primarily using oil paints with a sizable pastel collection and using acrylic paints, colored pencils, and clay; creating works of art using canvas, paper, or wood, including arts & crafts Dalny has over a 300 piece collection of her works of art in her gallery.
Dalny Valdes' cover
2014 singing demo
DMVAG Dalny Marga Valdes Art Gallery) makes and sells original oil paintings exclusively by Dalny Valdes, selling reproductions, both canvas prints and reproductions from her original  artworks. 

Lady In Fuchsia Fashion 
24 in 36 oil painting 
By Dalny Valdes 
Dalny  Valdes has a domestic sales platform on  eBay, EBay store DMVAG and an International sales platform with a France based online Gallery Artmajeur.

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