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Dalny Valdes Press Release

A Public Relations Press  Release from one of Hollywood's most unusual Entertainers, Dalny Valdes, Singer and Artist a Creative with an  unusual combination of Talents  Dalny Valdes, Singer And Artist: A Unique Culmination Of Talents When it comes to the Arts and Entertainment, I'm sure you've all heard of the "Multi-Talents", the Creatives who juggle their acting careers with their singing careers or vice versa, for instance, or of the actors or actresses who can paint. Here we have a Girl Talent who has the unique ability to combine two very abstract disciplines; Singer and Painter Dalny Valdes sings and dances on one day and paints oil paintings on the next. Dalny is a very unusual Talent who can sing and dance and who is registered with AFL-CIO Sag Aftra as a Singer and who can paint and who holds several US Copyrights under Visual Arts for her paintings. Dalny is a rare and typically not seen one-girl duet Talent. She possesses both disciplines which are b

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